Company Profile

aadya groups is international export and import company and regularly sends scrap steel, both ferrous and nonferrous, to India, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan.

aadya groups is also involved in export loading of break bulk shipments, consignments of oversized materials which do not fit into regular shipping containers.  In particular, we have excellent knowledge of the ASIA market, with a rich tradition of producing materials of superior quality. 

The Team

aadya groups has been involved with the dismantling and removal of complete mine sites, tank farms and industrial structures as well as undertaking technical projects for mining corporations.

John Doe

aadya groups has a comprehensive range of mobile plant and machinery and a large range of mobile shears and demolition grapples for removal and disposal of industrial metals.

Claire Benneth

We are the ideal partner for your metal exports. 

Tod Goodman

Our focus is on long-term partnerships and with our buying power we can assist our clients by providing the most cost-effective options coupled with readily-available container equipment shipping to and from some of the more difficult-to-service areas.

Bella Swan

Provided custom solutions such as drum crushers, car crushers and cable cutting mills to client specification.


Process & Solution

aadya groups  will process any domestic metals delivered to our facility no matter how small they may seem. We can also help people get in touch with smaller traders when it comes to picking up scrap from residential areas. Please note that due to commercial constraints we only pick-up commercial quantities of metal from two tonnes or more.

  • About Us

    aadya groups is dealing with scrap metal and cars from the company's automotive recycling arm, Auscon has grown from traditional scrap iron dealers to handle waste removal and large scale demolition and reclamation. Although equipped for large-scale demolition and scrap metal removal and salvage, the company's other business activities are broad ranging.


  • Contact Us

    • aadya groups BLK 509B, #12-85 Wellington Circle Sembawang Singapore 752509.

    Telp: +65 - 6853 5695
    Mob: +65 - 9637 4784