Global supply chain management is a critical success factor for manufacturers and retailers in many industries. You can take advantage of the integrated suite of services offered by aadya groups to manage your supply chain.


From raw materials to retail distribution, our analysts and operations personnel work closely with customers to manage the entire supply chain, providing tailored services and meeting agreed performance benchmarks.

Raw Materials

Global freight management, Consolidation, Warehousing and storage, Inventory/materials management, Tracking system.

Production & finished goods

Testing, Sample preparation, Batching / Sequencing, Quality control, Warehousing and storage, Inventory management.

Value-added services

Promotional packaging, Labelling, Ink-jet printing, Component assembly.

Order processing

Receipt and consolidation of purchase orders, Inspection, Distribution.

Transport management

Transport management, Multi-modal transportation, International freight forwarding, Import and export control, Tracking system, International Moving.

Transport Solution

Combining our in-depth local knowledge with the Group’s integrated global network, aadya groups International Moving offers a comprehensive range of moving solutions both within and beyond the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent.


For more than 10 years, aadya groups has been moving household goods and offices in and out of the Middle East, and we have since extended the specialised service to the Indian Subcontinent.We provide comprehensive door-to-door services for any relocation need. Moves are professionally planned, starting with a free initial survey and recommendations on the most efficient shipment mode and insurance options to all necessary services including export packing, forwarding and secure storage.

Ship Spares Logistics

aadya groups offers ship owners and management companies a global “door-to-deck” delivery service for ship spares and marine parts.


When a breakdown means a vessel needs a spare part in a hurry, it makes a difference to deal with an organisation with expertise in both shipping and logistics. Equally, having an efficient supply chain for routine maintenance spares and equipment is essential. we offers ship owners and management companies a global “door-to-deck” delivery service for ship spares and marine parts.


This specialised supply chain management service integrates the Group’s global infrastructure and expertise in freight forwarding, warehousing, supply chain management, ship agency, ship supply and marine and offshore support. aaadya groups chooses transport modes to match customers’ timing and cost concerns and takes responsibility for the entire supply chain.

Our offices in Singapore and India coordinate operations to more than 1,000 locations worldwide. Customers can monitor the progress of their orders via our web tracking system.

Contract Logistics

For those seeking to outsource your existing regional or global logistics operations – seek no further than aadya groups, an experienced contract logistics operator. We offer customized service packages with end-to-end service for all clients.Through providing shared resources and centralized warehousing, we enable you to reduce your capital investment, allowing flexible responses to market demands. In most markets, we specialization in multi user operations, has resulted in economies of scale. This has enabled us to offer high quality infrastructure and services at competitive rates. Savings can also be made by co-coordinating production runs with no under or over-stocking of inventory.

We also operate our proprietary warehouse management system in all our operations globally. The system is scalable and can be used from a small warehouse to a large retail customer with ease. The in-house knowledge base makes understanding customers’ requirements and interfacing easy.In a nutshell, besides increased logistics efficiency through sharing of best practices across all operations, improved techniques and economies of scale under multi-user scenarios, you can focus on your core competencies while aadya groups manages your supply chain.


aadya groups offers warehousing and distribution services in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Asia serving diverse sectors. We operate a varied range of facilities in different locations depending on the market requirements.aadya groups offers warehousing and distribution services in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Asia serving diverse sectors. We operate a varied range of facilities in different locations depending on the market requirements.


This includes setting up high quality infrastructure in many developing markets where there is a shortage of good quality facilities. Our aim is to create a platform for customers to have clean, safe and secured warehousing environment with specific focus on hygiene and Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE).


Integrated global network providing logistics solutions at thousands of locations worldwide. Full range of flexible services tailored to your needs, no matter what business you’re in.


Our facilities amount to more than 250,000 square metres of premium multi-temperature storage with web-enabled inventory tracking and storage for standard pallet, shelved, hanging garment and bulk commodities. we also provides all necessary value added services to customers from under the same roof such as stickering, co-packing, warranty card insertions, quality control, batching and sequencing.


Our warehousing infrastructures are backed by fully fledged logistics and distribution capabilities to facilitate local, regional or international distribution. Across our integrated global network, our local stations are vital freight links supporting shippers’ integrated freight requirements with Container Freight Stations (CFSs) at key locations facilitating movement of containerised cargo.

Land Transportation

aadya groups offers a diverse range of transportation services from project cargo to international transportation and domestic retail distribution and delivery. Our vehicles are operating in over 40 countries worldwide under our own banner or our clients’ livery.

Freight Services

Sea Freight - aadya groups has contracts in place with many of the world’s major ocean carriers in the key trades to/from Asia, USA, Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Air Freight-aadya groups global air freight capability delivers cargo to all cities, countries and continents. Global partnerships with major air carriers give customers priority access to competitive rates and space allocations.

 Sea / Air Freight

Collection at origin, customs clearance and delivery to consignee are monitored via our global tracking system, freight, giving complete visibility throughout the movement.

Sea / Air Freight-Our Sea-Air trade lanes link Asia, Europe and the United States with our specialised Sea/Air service. Our leading processes and procedures ensure we expedite transfers through aadya groups's airport hubs in India and Singapore, delivering shippers significant savings of up to one third on "all air" costs and 40% on "all sea" transit times.



Our Compliance and Ethics

aadya groups people are committed to adhering to aadya groups Compliance and Ethics policies so as to provide quality  Standard for all.The aadya groups Code of Ethics is more than just corporate window dressing. It is a guide for action, not just words. A true code of practice.



The aadya Groups respects the rights and cultural practices of people in the countries in which it operates.Our Code of Ethics covers how GAC people conduct themselves, whether we are dealing with each other, customers, suppliers or authorities. It emphasises respect for the law and respect for people. At its core lies a determination to treat customers, suppliers and colleagues honestly, fairly and with dignity.All organisations face the possibility of unknowingly harbouring illegal or unethical conduct. The aim of the aadya groups Whistleblowing Policy is to encourage staff to report any suspected wrongdoing as soon as possible in the knowledge that their concerns will be taken seriously and investigated whilst, at the same time, respecting their confidentiality.  



Quality Policy



We are fully committed to complying with all sanctions and trade restrictions when conducting our business. Whether imposed by supranational authorities such as the Asia or United Nations or European Union or individual nations, we take a proactive approach to ensure that the interests of the aadya groups, our customers, suppliers and staff are protected at all times.Quality is the foundation of success, and has been at the heart of our working culture since our first started up in 2014. Today, we are an ISO-certified service provider, mainly audited. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our in-house Strategic Management System, Our TIME, which is based on the principles of Total Quality Management.

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    aadya groups is dealing with scrap metal and alloys from the Industries/recycling arm, Auscon has grown from traditional scrap iron dealers to handle waste removal and large scale demolition and reclamation. Although equipped for large-scale demolition and scrap metal removal and salvage, the company's other business activities are broad ranging.

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